Welcome to the  Archives of Umrion, The Sublunar Fields, fan fiction and fan art archive.

The people behind this site are two sisters, interested in writing, photography and graphics, among other things. Tonica writes most of the fan fiction. Melantha writes a little fan fiction and is responsible for all the fan art, graphics and web design. We also write original fiction under different names.

Just so my readers (if I have any) don’t get tired of this site – I’m well aware of the fact that there’s been no updates for quite a long time  – I thought I’d give you a list of fandoms where you might expect new fics. I can’t tell you when this will be, but hopefully relatively soon.

Star Trek (the movie, this time)
Crossing Jordan/Silent Witness
My Beautiful Laundrette
Gattaca (not a new fic, but a thoroughly revised one, thanks for your help K J!)
Forsyte Saga
Rex, a Cop’s Best Friend (Der Kommissar Rex)
Robin of Sherwood
American Dreams
Without a Trace
Miami Vice
Sherlock Holmes

A number of new fandoms that will be coming up:

Waking the Dead
Zero Effect
The Grand Ellipse
Being Human
Tom Jones
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Raven

Again, I can’t say when new fics will be appearing on the site, but hopefully relatively soon, at least some of them (can’t promise too much).

I’ve been re-watching a number of old tv series and new ideas may occur to me, but again, I can’t make any promises. Recently I’ve also begun to watch a new, historic tv series I really like – Downton Abbey – so who knows? There might be something in that. On the other hand, I’ve also watched Sherlock and enjoyed it a lot and Cranford which I loved, but no ideas came to me, so there are no guarantees. I have also started watching a number of series, for instance Invasion, Fringe, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Endeavour, The Mentalist, Bletchley Circle, Call the Midwife, Mr Selfridge and others.

Perhaps I should mention that I also have plenty of ideas for original stories, as well as three YA and children’s novels to finish, plus a new YA novel but hopefully, I’ll find the time for all kinds of writing – when I get my inspiration back.

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