If There Be Dragons

Primary Characters: Starsky, Hutch
Rating: M
Spoilers: minor ones
Warning: m/m sex, adult themes
Description: Starsky hears something negative about his mother and gets depressed. Hutch wants to cheer him up, by getting him an acid trip. They get a little more than they bargained for. Oh, and of course there be dragons… 😉 There will always be dragons.

Officer Starsky slammed the door shut behind him. The day had begun badly. His alarm clock hadn’t rung and he’d arrived late at the precinct. He’d cut himself shaving and he’d run out of shaving cream when he’d barely begun so his face looked as if he was one of the pimps or dealers, not a member of the law enforcement agency.

To make matters worse, his partner, Officer Hutchinson had been late too, something that wasn’t entirely unheard of. The blond cop had been trying to get through the door at the exact same moment Starsky had, with the inevitable result that both had slipped, fallen and ended up on top of each other.

All eyes had lifted from coffee cups and pencils and no one had been able to miss the spectacle of two young colleagues lying entwined on the floor a few yards from everyone else.

The Chief had looked out and groaned, then turned right back inside again. Those two clowns were always drawing attention to themselves.

Starsky knew he took himself a little too seriously, but he had a lot to live up to. His mother cast a great shadow around the precinct.

The thought of his mother made Starsky’s eyes mist over. If only he hadn’t overheard that conversation in the men’s room. He’d known that Officer Bill Cummings was a moron, but he hadn’t know just how much the runt had hated and envied his mother.

It wasn’t true. It couldn’t be true. He refused to believe it.

The conversation hadn’t seemed to be about anything more important than a couple of old-timers reminiscing about the not so great old days. Suddenly, a familiar name had caught Starsky’s attention and at first he’d assumed the old geezers had been referring to him. After he’d been partnered with Hutch, his reputation had plummeted. Even so, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hutch was ok, no matter what the rest of them thought. But those old bastards had been talking about his mother. And what they’d had to say had been – malicious to say the least. Of course it couldn’t be true.

The tears stinging his eyes seemed to tell him something else.

He was distracted by the sound of a car squealing to a stop outside, then footsteps coming up his driveway and finally, someone banging on the door.

“Hey, man. Open up. It’s me. Why did you run off like that? I’m your friend. When I heard, I just knew I had to come. Let me in, will you?”

Hutch. Oh, well. It could have been worse. If it had been the Chief, he’d have known for sure that it was true.

“It’s open.”


Hutch more or less stumbled inside. Starsky rubbed furiously at his eyes. The bright sunlight from outside fell mercilessly on his face, and even Hutch, who wasn’t the most observant of cops, knew what had been going on.

He decided not to let on. Everyone knew how uptight Starsky was, but that was ok. He was a great guy and a great partner anyway. The best a cop could have.

“Guess what I have?”

Starsky shrugged indifferenlty.

“You wouldn’t look like that it if you knew. Come on. I’ll show you.”

Hutch went ahead of his friend and partner into the living room and flopped down onto the couch. He almost put his feet up on the table, but stopped himself at the last second, as he remembered where he was.

“Last guy I collared today had some acid. Great stuff. It – uh – kind of – accidentally fell into my pocket. And now it’s too late to bring it back. It would be a shame to let it go to waste, right? So, I was thinking, you and me, buddy, we need some serious cheering up. How about it, man?”

Starsky stared at his partner, unable to quite understand what he was saying. When the meaning of the blond’s words filtered through to him, Starsky was about to protest, but swallowed his words. Why should he play the good cop, when clearly all he’d heard about his mother was just a big, fat lie? It was bitter facing the possiblity that all he had left of his mother, her reputation, had been pulverized today. Now there was nothing for him.


Hutch stared at his partner, puzzling over his reaction. He’d expected moral outrage, or – if the guy was even close to normal – a bit of joy, but this indifference didn’t make sense. Unless – of course. It was just that Starsky was feeling so blue.

“You’ll be feeling better in no time. Boyscout’s honor.”

Hutch even did that stupid little gesture, touching his hair on the right side and while doing so, he managed to ruffle his already untidy hair even more.

Starsky sat dolefully watching his partner set things up. He’d never taken drugs voluntarily. A while back, he’d accidentally ingested some stuff that had made him act out of character, but this time, he’d really be leaving his well-ordered, dutiful life behind. He was stunned to realize that he didn’t care either way. Why should he toe the line, when it seemed no one else did?

Hutch made sure he split the acid evenly. No matter how much he wanted to take this trip, he wanted his friend to get his share.


Hutch smiled invitingly and held out the acid. Starsky didn’t return the smile, but he took the stuff and swallowed it. For a while, nothing happened. The room still looked smaller somehow and more dingy. Only last night, he’d remarked on what a tasteful and respectable house he had. Tonight, it looked pathetic.

Starsky watched his friend ingest his share of the drug, then lean backwards, and make himself more comfortable.

“Hey. How about some music?”

Music? Starsky couldn’t think of anything he wanted less, but suddenly, he felt ashamed of himself. Here Hutch was going out of his way to cheer his partner up, and here he was, acting like a grumpy old man.

“Yeah. I’ve got some LP:s over there.”

Reluctantly he got up and picked out a record, then placed it on the turntable and lowered the pickup onto the shiny, black plastic.

A deafening noise split the silence in his living room. Boom. Boom.

Hutch made a face. What kind of music was this? He preferred something light and accessible, any day.

“What’s that?”


Hutch leaned closer and shouted the question into Starsky’s ear.

“Oh. It’s 1812. Tchaikovsky.”

When Hutch looked blank, Starsky resigned himself to his fate. He got up again and turned the stereo off then sat down again.

“You have a radio?”

“Uh – yeah. There’s a transistor radio in the cupboard over there.”

Hutch got up and ambled in the direction his friend had indicated. He found the radio and brought it back to the table. After some fiddling with the dials, he found a station he liked and turned up the volume. It wasn’t his favorite type of music, but it was ok. Besides, he knew this station. Most of the music was modern, not old stuff, like this song.

My boy lollipop, you make my heart go giddy-up.

Hutch nodded in time with the music. Decent stuff, even if it was ancient. 1960’s, definitely.

By now, Starsky was beginning to feel plesantly relaxed and even in high spirits. He, too, was nodding in time with the song. Not that he liked this kind of modern music. Nat King Cole, now that was a man who made good music. His mother had listened to – but the point of the whole exercise was to make him forget about his mom.

Besides, modern music was fine, even if it wasn’t anything like Tchaikovsky, or even Nat King Cole. Once the song had played out, the station cut to the news. Hutch made a face again and this time he put Starsky’s record back on.

“Man, that booming stuff is kind of cool. Yeah. Far out. Groovy.”

Starsky became aware of a number of odd sensations. The familiar room around him receded and he found himself in a pulsating, color-changing round place. Kind of like a womb. Along the walls, he could see vines of some kind growing. They were moving in time with the music.

Some sort of bubbles floated on the air, and kept changing color too, except they were more transparent, kind of like soap bubbles. He’d blown soap bubbles when he was a kid.

“Whoa. Where are we?”

“I don’t know. Don’t you love it?”

Yes. Starsky actually thought he loved it. Then everything started to get really weird. He knew that his friend was still the same person, but he was changing, sort of evolving into something different. In Hutch’s place a sleek, shiny golden dragon was writhing.

For a second, Starsky felt fear building inside him and he opened his mouth to scream, but halfway into the scream, he changed his mind and began to laugh instead. A dragon. Really? How cool.

For some reason he became aware of the same change coming over himself. His hands turned into long, sharp talons and his arms and legs became shorter, or maybe longer, but in any case different. He found he had to crawl on all fours and when he did, he noticed he had a long, scaly tail.

Where Hutch was golden, he was all black.

The shiny golden scales kept drawing in the Starsky dragon’s gaze. It looked so beautfiul and so appealing, he just had to reach out his paw and touch it. The golden Hutch-dragon was writhing rhytmically, in time with another music, one that seemed to be matching the Starsky dragon’s heartbeat.

The Starsky dragon slithered closer and rubbed against the golden scales. They felt smooth and very plesant to the touch. He wanted more of that, so he wriggled closer and managed to cover the gold almost completely with his shiny black.

The touch made something change inside him. There was a hunger he hadn’t known was there, but not a hunger for flesh, for something more – carnal. A smouldering desire awakened inside him and he knew his dragon heart desired the golden shape that was lying underneath him.

After slithering about a bit, he found the position he wanted and began to grind into the ravishing golden shape underneath him. There was a pounding in his ears and he was roaring incoherently. The golden dragon moaned and whimpered in a way that egged the black dragon on even more. He buried his fangs in the golden neck and hooked his talons into the heaving flanks.

There was a moment of blinding fulfillment, then suddenly, all the music and light went out and there was nothing, only peace and satisfaction.


Starsky woke up to feel the sun flashing mercilessly into his eyes. He tried to roll over and noticed that he was lying on his living room floor. The next time he dared to open his eyes, he saw that he wasn’t wearing anything. For a moment, his mind was a blank. What was he doing, naked on the floor? His next thought was for work. What time was it? He got up as quickly as the funny feeling in his head allowed.

For a while, the room kept spinning out of control around him, but by grabbing the back of the couch, he was able to steady himself. He heard the sound of water splashing in the bathroom.

Did he have a visitor? That might explain the odd circumstances of his awakening. But if he wasn’t mistaken, this was still a work day and he’d better hurry.

The bathroom door opened and to Starsky’s astonishment, Hutch was standing there, looking a bit pale and possibly nauseous. Bit by bit, last night came back to him. The terrible news he’d heard. Then Hutch’s visit and the – acid? Had he been out of his mind? Doing drugs? And on a work night too.

Hutch was still standing there, holding on to the door, looking as if he, too, was wondering what he was doing here, or maybe just trying to stay upright.

“Are you done in there?”

Slowly Hutch let go of the door and stepped aside. Starsky caught sight of some odd scratch marks on his partner’s back. Odd. Those looked fresh. Had Hutch been injured on the job last night? As the blond passed him, he also noticed what looked like a bite mark on the back of the neck. Even stranger. Had there been some girls here too? Why couldn’t he remember?

“Uh – yeah.”

Starsky hurriedly did a basic version of his morning rituals, then rushed – as fast as he felt capable of that morning – into the kitchen to get something. A proper breakfast just didn’t feel appealing, and the thought of coffee turned his stomach. In the end, he forced himself to have some coffee anyway, reasoning that it would do him good.

Hutch stood in a corner still looking a little odd.

“You want some?”



“Oh. Thanks, man.”

While his partner was sipping his coffee, Starsky studied his face closely. Was that how he, himself, looked? The few moments he’d snatched for toothbrushing and shaving hadn’t really told him anything. His eyes had been too tightly closed to really see anything.

“What happened last night?”

“What do you mean?”

That was odd. Hutch’s reply came too quickly, as if – there was something he didn’t want to tell his partner. So there was something to tell. Starsky cast his mind back to the night before. If only he could remember. They’d taken the acid, turned on some music and – then what? His mind was a total blank.

“What did we do?”

“Nothing. I have to go.”

“Hold on a sec.”

Starsky had managed to find his wrist watch and by holding it up close to his face, he was able to catch a glimpse of the dials. Was that really the time? He began to wind up the watch, then looked again. It still showed the same. Almost nine. He was always on the job by eight, at the latest. No. No. No. This couldn’t be happening.

“Come on.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Hutch seemed to relax a little. He even smiled.

“Listen. I hitched a ride last night. Can I ride with you?”

For some reason, Hutch was now smirking. He had an infuriating expression on his face, one that seemed to be saying ‘I know something you don’t’.


Starsky waited until they were both in the car and wearing their seatbelts – police officers had to provide a good example to members of the public – until he tried asking again.

“Ok. What are you grinning about? Do you remember what happened last night?”

“Yes and no.”

“What does that mean? Just tell me.”

“Well, you know how they say that partners are as close as family?”

“Yeah. What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Sometimes even closer? Like a married couple?”

“Yeah. Sure. Spit it out. This day hasn’t started out very good and as you know, I’ve never been late for work in my entire life, so – just tell me, ok?”

“Ok. You were asking me what we were doing last night.”

“Exactly. Are you going to tell me?”

“Well, we kind of – did it.”

“Did what?”


“What? You’re not making any sense.”

“Hey. Keep your eye on the traffic. Ok. Take it easy now.”

“Yeah, sure. I just don’t -”

“Last night you and I – kind of got a little bit closer still. I think it must be some kind of a record, actually.”

“Would you just tell me, ok? Ten minutes from now I’d better be behind my desk at the precinct, or else -”

“I told you. Slow down, cowboy. You’ll burst a blood vessel.”

“For the last time, tell me. What did we do last night?”

“Ok. You and I did it. What can I say? We got it on. We played hide the salami. You fucked me, man.”

Starsky was about to tell his partner, more sharply this time, to quit joking around, especially in that tasteless way, when suddenly he began to have flashbacks to last night. Uh on. It wasn’t just a dream, was it? Those two dragons – uh – mating – had been real. He’d been the black one and Hutch, god help him, had been the pretty golden one.

Unable to check his reaction, Starsky stepped on the brakes so violently, the car swerved straight across the street into the opposite lane. Other cars reacted a little too late and almost rammed into them. Within seconds they were in the worst pileup the city had seen in close to five years. By the time they’d sorted that out, they were even more late for work.

Starsky kept glancing at Hutch out of the corner of his eye. Surely they had to be remembering the events of last night incorrectly? After all the acid they’d ingested, it was no wonder they’d had these totally weird dreams.

“Ok. Let’s talk about this. We have to be remembering that wrong.”


“Last night. It’s impossible.”

“What is?”

“Shut up. You know what I’m talking about.”

“That thing? You and me -”

“Exactly. We had a bad trip. Our brains fried and we – had those freaky dreams.”

“Uh oh. No way. First of all – we had a good trip. First class stuff. I told you that last night. And secondly – no mistake. Trust me, my ass hurts enough to prove we did it. Wait. Don’t think I’m blaming you for that. I remember – wanting it as much as you did. So, nope. Sorry, can’t help you there.”

“But it’s insane. I’m not -”

Hutch reproachfully met Starsky’s imploring eyes. Surely his best friend, his partner and as of last night – his lover, wasn’t suggesting he was gay? Just because he’d been the one to – receive. Or was it some other, more subtle dig at his laid back charm or his far from stuffy approach to police work? Was it his clothes?

Too late, Starsky realized what he’d been about to say. He hurriedly amended his statement.

“We’re not gay. Why would we want to -”

“Search me. It happened man, deal with it. I have to say there’s no one I’d rather have tried it with, if we had to try it, if you know what I mean.”

Starsky opened his mouth to say he’d never felt inclined to try it, but as the meaning of what his friend had said sunk in, he resigned himself to his fate.

“Yeah, me too.”

Something else hit him and shamefacedly, he forced himself to ask the question he really would rather die than ask.

“You’re not – uh – badly hurt?”

“Nah. It just hurts to sit down. Kind of like when I got spanked by my old man when I was a kid. Except not in the exact same place.”

“Yeah, yeah. I see. Good.”

“Man, were we spaced out or what? Did you see the same thing I was seeing? I’ve never had a weirder trip.”

Starsky knew he’d been right in his guess that his friend and partner did these things on a regular basis.

“Uh – I don’t know. Did you – uh – see – uh – dragons?”

“Yeah. You were this bigass black dragon.”

“Right. And you were -”

Starsky couldn’t bring himself to finish the sentence. He could still recall just how attracted he’d been to that beautiful golden dragon. Who would have known he had it in him? Did this mean he’d always had this subconscious wish to – uh – get closer acquainted with his partner? He had a horrible suspicion that was exactly what a psychologist might tell him, if he was stupid enough to ever confide in anyone else.

Hutch took his silence to be encouraging, so he quite happily filled in the missing words.

“A golden dragon. I think we looked kind of nice. Hot, even. What did you think?”

Starsky felt his cheeks heat up even more. If things got a little worse he knew he’d more or less self-ignite.

“Yes, well, that’s hardly the point, is it?”

Hutch grinned insolently.

“Funny. I could have sworn it was. Last night, I mean.”

“Listen to me. Last night never happened. Is that clear? If anyone finds out – you’re a dead man. I’m a dead man. No one finds out, ok?”

“Hey. Cool off. You think I’m going to go blabbing to everyone on the job? Guess what me and Starsky did last night, guys? Yeah, right. It will just be our little secret.”

Starsky winced at Hutch’s tone, but he knew that even if his friend was going to rag him about last night’s incident, he wasn’t going to give him away.

“Do I have your word?”

“Boyscout’s honor.”

“You were never a boyscout.”

“Sure I was. I quit after the first camp. ‘It will be our little secret.'”


“That’s what he said. The scoutmaster.”

“About what?”

“About the stuff he tried to do to us in the tent. That stuff’s still not out of your system, right? You should take it easy today. If you like, I’ll go out and -”

“No, no, no. We’ll both go. Are you serious? Did that scoutmaster really – or were you just – yanking my chain?”

“Relax. I wouldn’t do that. Not seriously. This is embarrassing for me too. Never happened to me before, I can tell you.”

“Ok. I believe you.”

“And yeah, it’s true. But I told him I’d tell on him and then I got him to give me a pack of cigarettes and some candy and – I forget. He was so scared I’d tell on him, he even gave me fifty bucks to keep my mouth shut, so it all worked out in the end.”

Starsky was horrified. He’d heard rumors about that sort of thing, but he hadn’t put any stock in them. This realization made him uncomfortable. What if many of the other rumors he’d heard as a kid, were true as well?

“There. If you park over there, Kaminsky won’t like it. So go ahead. It serves him right. Yeah. Good for you, lover.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Sorry. At least you got to be the ‘man’. I’m betting you’d have found it even harder to handle if it had been the other way around.”

“I told you. Last night never happened. Don’t ever mention it again.”

“I forgot. Sure. No problem. These things happen. It’s just – you know – whatever.”

“Yeah, well, they’d better never happen again.”

“I’m sure they won’t. I mean – how often do you get to see dragons?”

After shooting his friend a dark stare, Starsky unbuckled the seatbelt and walked away. Hutch took the hint and shut up. He followed his friend, as fast as he could, considering.


For days afterwards, Starsky walked around, feeling as if all the sorrows of the world were resting on his shoulders. Hutch was pondering what he could do to cheer his friend up. Other than bringing him illegally seized substances – or what the heck Starsky liked to call them. After giving it a lot of thought, Hutch finally arrived at a conclusion that seemed to him to be nothing short of brilliant. He knew just the person to go and see.

Just in case, he waited until after work, to make sure no one could overhear them. They were sitting in the car, waiting in line at the traffic lights, when Hutch couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

“Hey, I know just the thing to cure your blues.”

“Oh, no, you don’t. Not again.”

“What? No, not that, silly. This is totally different. How would you like to meet a really hot chick?”

“If you’re talking about other illegal – practices -”

“Speak English. Since you ask, no, it’s not a working girl, though that’s not a bad idea, really. We could – Ok, I guess not. No, I’m talking about your mom’s partner.”

“What do you mean? He’s dead.”

“Yeah, the one she worked with most of the time. Didn’t you know that she got a new partner, in the last few months – she was breaking in a rookie. No one told you?”

“No. Is this the hot chick you’re talking about?”

“Exactly. Jessy Mae Raymond.”

“Is that her name?”

“Yes. Pay attention. She lives up on – what’s the street again – oh, you can’t miss it. It’s up in the Heights. Very classy place. Or at least close to the fancy neighborhoods. I’ll bet she’s got a pool too.”

“You’ve been to see her?”

“Nah. Not me. I just heard older colleagues talk about her. Come on. If anyone does, she’ll know about your mom.”

Starsky thought about it for a while, then reluctantly agreed that this might be a good idea, after all. After that dragon incident a couple of weeks back, he’d decided never to take Hutch up on any of his suggestions. If he did, he’d really need his head examined. But he thought about the latest plan of his firend’s and couldn’t see any flaw in it. It would be good to meet someone who had worked with his mother.

“Ok. Give me the directions and I’ll -”

Hutch did that and within half an hour, they were up in the hills. This really was a different sort of neighborhood from the ones they were used to. Bungalows. Small mansions. Villas. Even driving by like this, made Starsky feel a little more cheerful. One day he might even be able to afford a place up here, at least an apartment in one of the bigger houses.

“You like it? Yeah, I told you you’d like this. Isn’t it a really cool place? Would you look at those walls? There’ll be pools behind them.”

“Yes, I like it. Thanks, pal. So, where is it?”

“It should be around here somewhere. I heard it was a white house. Sort of Spanish. You know?”

Starsky wasn’t sure, but as it happened, they just passed a smaller, white house in a style he too would describe as Spanish.

“That it?”

“I think so. Park outside and let’s go and find out.”

“Will do.”

They opened the gate and entered the driveway. Starsky kept his eyes and ears open. He thought he heard a splash. A big splash, like when a person jumps into a pool, maybe? Before he found out if his guess was true, he caught sight of the mailbox. There was a sign saying Raymond, so apparently, this was the right place. He was just wondering if there was a mr Raymond or if Raymond was Jessy Mae’s own name. Not that it mattered. He was just curious.

Hutch knocked on the front door, then stepped back a pace.

“Hello. Ms Raymond? Officers Starsky and Hutchinson to see you. Anyone home?”

Sounds of footsteps coming from around the corner made them both whirl around. Rounding the corner was a stunning apparition. She was talll, probably the same height as they were. Her body was – wow. Dark chocolate, and slippery, from the pool water. That had to be what they’d just heard. Her jumping into the pool. Up close, Starsky realized that this lady had to be at least forty, probably closer to fifty, but somehow that didn’t seem to matter. He’d never seen a twenty-year-old half as beautiful.

“Did you say Starsky?”

“Uh – yes. That’s me, ma’am.”

“Call me Jessy Mae. I’m not your teacher. Not that I know of. So you’re the kid. The little boy.”

Suddenly, her hand shot out and grabbed Starsky’s chin, tilting it up for her inspection. A pair of steely, dark brown eyes fixed his, making him squirm uncomfortably, while at the same time feeling so aroused he was afraid she’d notice. His pants were a bit tight. Funny. He’d never worried about that before.

“You were my mother’s partner?”

“I had that privilege, yes. For a couple of months. The best couple of months I’ve ever spent. That includes my honeymoon to that good-for-nothing – never mind. Would you like to step through?”

She indicated, not the front door, but the path going around the house. When they came around the back, they saw right away that they’d been correct in their assumption that there was a pool.

“Get in, if you want.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said, just jump in, if you feel like it. Don’t you love swimming in a pool? Wait, don’t tell me. The ocean’s even better, but this will do for now. Go ahead.”

“Umm – I don’t have any -”

“Swimming trunks? Don’t worry about that. I’ve seen that little butt of yours before. Doesn’t bother me. What about you, Officer Hutchinson?”

“Call me Hutch.”

“Hutch. Go on. No false modesty here. I won’t see anything I haven’t seen before.”

A delighted grin spread across Hutch’s face. He loved Jessy Mae already. A woman after his own heart.

“I don’t mind if I do. Go on, Starsky. Don’t be chicken. Last one in, is an old -”

He broke off when he hit the surface of the pool.


Starsky suddenly felt really uptight. He couldn’t let Hutch show him up like this. Feeling Jessy Mae’s mocking gaze on him, he fumbled with his pants and shirt and was finally able to step out of them. He stared unhappily at his feet, wondering if he might get in with his shorts on.

“What are you waiting for, boy? In you go.”

Awkwardly, he began to pull his shorts down, then stepped out of them too. Self-consciously, he jumped in. Hutch began to splash water on him. Filled with a wish to retaliate, he began splashing too.

“Boys, if you’ll excuse me -”

Sheepishly, they broke off and watched as Jessy Mae slid into the water. There was hardly a ripple, let alone a splash.


Slowly, holding their gaze, Jessy Mae removed the top of her bikini and tossed it onto the grass beside the pool. Starsky felt his face heat up uncomfortably. This visit wasn’t turning out the way he’d planned.

She began to swim back and forth, still gazing at them out of the corner of her eyes. She circled around slowly, a bit like a shark, moving in for the kill, but surely he was being a little bit too imaginative now?

They swam around for at least half an hour, but after a while, Starsky felt he’d had enough, and got up, looking around for a towel or something. Jessy Mae got up as well and with a smile that seemed to hint at amusement, she tossed him a towel which was lying on one of the deck chairs.

Reluctantly, Hutch got up too, and Jessy Mae gave him another towel. She merely stretched out on the deck chair, letting the drops of water dry on her skin.

As they dried themselves off and got dressed again, the guys kept staring at her glossy skin, then glancing away, guiltily.

Struck by his conscience, Hutch suddenly remembered the reason for their visit.

“Oh, that’s right. Starsky was wondering if you could tell him a bit about his mom. He -”

Hutch studied his friend thoughtfully, trying to determine if he wanted Jessy Mae to know what was on his mind. When he couldn’t detect any reaction, he continued.

“Recently, he heard some rumors about his mom and he was hoping you could reassure him.”

“Is someone slandering your mother, boy?”

“Uh – yes.”

“Wait a minute. Don’t tell me. It’s that bastard Ducati and his gang, right?”

“Ducati retired last year, but yeah, it was a couple of his friends.”

“I see. Don’t you pay any attention to that kind of talk, kid. There’s never been a better officer than your mother. Trust me on that. I was there. Saw her in action myself. Let me tell you what really happened. There were never any formal charges against your mother and rightly so. Her only mistake was being a little too partial to two hot young studs, who – by accident, I might add – came close to dragging her name through the mud. But she didn’t do anything wrong. There was no harm in those two either, but they should have used their heads more. Anyway, that’s all you need to know. Your mother was a fine officer and fantastic friend.”

At the mention of those two young men, Jessy Mae stared rather pointedly at her two guests, but they noticed nothing out of the ordinary. To tell the truth, they were more focused on her body than her face.

Starsky was beginning to relax. This was exactly what he wanted to hear and he couldn’t imagine that Jessy Mae was lying. Not when she spoke with such conviction. He should have known better than to doubt his mother. Bill Cummings and the others had always been envious of her, that was all. Why couldn’t he have seen that himself? He was grateful to Jessy Mae for setting him straight. Besides, she was one hot woman.

“Well. Can I get you boys anything? A drink?”

Hutch’s face was split by a wide grin. This was a lucky break. What a good thing he’d thought of this visit. Now he was sure his friend would cheer up. In fact, Starsky looked a lot happier already.

“Yes, please.”

“Come on in.”

They followed their hostess inside, and found a neat and tidy kitchen, decorated in some smashing colors. At least Starsky thought so. He was sure his mother would have approved. Hutch thought it was a bit old-fashioned, but still a nice place. As if reading Starsky’s mind, Jessy Mae mentioned the color scheme.

“Your mother helped me pick out those colors. This was my first home. Me and my husband moved in here – never mind. I’m better off without him. At least I got to keep the house. Sit down. I’ll be right with you.”

She gestured towards the door to the living room. Her place was more elegant than Starsky’s place – which his mother had helped him decorate as well. At least the furniture had been chosen by her. He’d moved in after she’d passed away, but he’d taken her lessons about color schemes to heart and followed her tacit instructions to the letter.

They sat down on the comfortable sofa and waited. Within a minute, Jessy Mae appeared, carrying a tray with glasses and a bottle of bourbon. She returned into the kitchen and brought two beers.

“I thought you boys might like a beer first.”

Gratefully, they began to sip their beers, then when they’d drained the cans, they took a few drafts of the bourbon.

Jessy Mae drank as much as they did. She looked like a woman who could hold her liquor. After a while, they became aware of her staring intently at them. She’d put on a cut off t-shirt instead of the bikini top, but she still looked as hot as she’d struck them outside in the sunlight.

“Well, well. You sure grew up to be a fine looking young man, kid. Not much resemblance, but hey – that’s not your fault. I can see a lot of your dad in you. That was a hot looking guy, let me tell you.”

Starsky began to feel queasy. His dad – hot? No way. The old man had been – old and – a total geezer. Still, she’d also said he was a fine looking guy. Not bad coming from a woman like her.

“And you – Officer Hutchinson -”

“Call me Hutch – everyone else does.”

Hutch was beaming at Jessy Mae, as if mesmerized by her.

“Hutch. Are you and Starsky here partners?”

“Yeah, absolutely.”

“And friends?”

“Sure thing.”

“Hm. I wouldn’t have guessed that, but I’m glad for his sake. Everyone needs a really good friend. Someone they can always count on. Someone to watch their backs. Great. You’re a very nice looking kid too, Hutch.”

“Thanks. I guess you hear this all the time, but you’re really – hot – I mean – beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.”

Jessy Mae smiled, looking as if what Hutch was saying matched her script, whatever it was.

“Why, thank you, boys. Here. Have another.”

She poured a generous dose of bourbon into their glasses and refilled her own again. They drank it all down, feeling as if they had won the lottery. Who would have guessed his mom had this really terrific younger partner?

Finally, they all felt they’d had enough and Jessy Mae removed the glasses, the empty beer cans and the tray. She didn’t walk at all unsteadily. As she left the room, both guys had plenty of opportunities to watch her legs and ass. Sensational.

Hutch exchanged an excited glance with his partner. Wow. Unbelievable.

He leaned over and whispered a few words into his friend’s ear.

“I’ll bet we’ll get laid.”

Starsky’s mouth opened wide in astonishment. What was Hutch saying? It almost felt like incest. His mom’s old partner. Except – Jessy Mae clearly wasn’t related to either of them. He closed his mouth and nodded.

Now Jessy Mae returned and her smiled widened as she took in their appearances.

“Hey, kid. It was really good seeing you again. All grown up too. Here. Let me give you a big hug.”

She followed up on her words by doing exactly that, but she didn’t stop there. To Starsky’s surprise, she gave him a kiss that was anything but maternal. It blew his mind. He found himself returning the kiss exactly as enthusiastically as he’d imagined.

Reluctantly, she let go and turned to Hutch. He didn’t need any persuasion to throw himself into her open arms.

Jessy Mae wasted no time showing them into her bedroom. They sat down on the side of the bed, with her in the middle. She deftly got rid of her top, revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. After she’d stared encouragingly at them for a moment, Hutch got her meaning and pulled off his shirt. Starsky quickly followed his example. A few buttons were torn off, and normally, he would have minded, but this time, the fact barely registered.

She pulled him close and began to kiss him in a way that more or less wiped his mind of anything other than thoughts of her. Some time later, she let him go and got to work on Hutch. She really knew how to kiss.

Pushing Hutch a little closer to Starsky, Jessy Mae moved back a little and again stared imperiously at them. It took Hutch a couple of seconds to figure out what she was asking. At the moment, refusing her anything simply wasn’t an option, so he eagerly pulled his friend closer and despite a brief moment of hesitation, Starsky didn’t resist him.

They took turns like that, alternating between kissing Jessy Mae and each other. It began to feel quite natural. Besides, if that was what Jessy Mae wanted, that was what she’d get.

Impatiently, Hutch tried to push her down onto the bed, but was rebuffed.

“Take it easy, boy. I think I’ll need to teach you a thing or two about how to treat a lady.”

“Yeah, please do. Give it to me, baby.”

She frowned in dismay.

“Listen to me, baby, I’m not your child. You will address me with respect. Is that clear?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

To his astonishment, she grabbed him and placed him across her knee. The spanking that followed wasn’t the first he’d experienced, but he’d never been hit quite as hard. His buttocks tingled not unpleasantly and he had to admit this was absolutely incredible.

“As for you, boy, how could you believe that talk about your mother? I think I’ll need to punish you too. Come here.”

Starsky found himself being grabbed and placed across her knee, in his turn, and spanked in a way that he’d never experienced before. It filled him with mixed emotions. Arousal, excitement, enthusiasm – but also shame, embarrassment, alarm. Was he into this stuff? He had to admit her was enjoying himself thoroughly. Masochism? That was something he’d never suspected about himself. Still, he couldn’t see any harm in being spanked, barehandedly.

From then on, things progressed more or less according to expectations. Afterwards, they drifted off to sleep, exhausted but content.

Starsky had an odd dream. At least he was hoping it was a dream. Surely these things didn’t happen in real life? He had scales, talons and a long tail. The color of those scales was black, a shiny black. Lying entwined with his coils was a similiar creature, which was a briilliant, shiny golden color.

He heard an odd sound coming from behind him and with an effort he raised his head and found that another, similiar creature was slithering in their direction. The sound he’d heard was the rasp of talons and scales against the ground. This creature was so magnificent it almost blinded him. It was black too, but so dark and blue-toned that his own black seemed dull and greyish in comparison. On its back was a delicate iridescent ridge, traced with lines of grey.

All he wanted now was to curl up at the new creature’s feet, at ease and content to deliver himself to her. Somehow, he had no doubt the newcomer was female. He began to slither towards her and by doing so, he dragged along the golden creature, which undeniably was beautiful too. A sense of alarm filled him. He didn’t want to leave the golden creature behind. They belonged together, just like they both belonged to the exquisite creature before them.

Together, they lay down at the creature’s feet. It raked them both with its talons, but the pain only made them want to give themselves to her even more.

When he woke up, Starsky found that he was lying so closely entwined with his partner, it was no wonder he’d had that dream about dragons lying together in a heap. Dragons? Oh, no, not again. But somehow, he stretched out again, resting his head on Jessy Mae’s arm, but one arm wrapped around his friend. No, they were closer than ordinary friends. They were partners. They belonged together and always would. Jessy Mae was right. A police officer needed a partner who could watch his back.

Hutch began to come to, barely and as he did, he wriggled closer to Jessy Mae, but made sure he didn’t roll out from under Starsky’s other arm. Mm. This was actually quite nice. He could get used to it. Weird about the dream, though. Would it always be dragons? He gave a mental shrug and closed his eyes again. Life couldn’t be better. Next week, on the job, he might find something really cool and – why shouldn’t he keep it? Starsky was beginning to warm up to his way of doing cop’s work. They could go places, he and his partner. Or they could stay right here and just chill.

Jessy Mae smiled contentedly. Those two whiteys were actually quite sweet and so hot. She’d known from the moment they walked in that she could have them. Both of them. And she could whip their fine asses and make them kiss each other. What a time to be alive and kicking and a woman. She’d be going places and no man would be able to slow her down. Yee-haw. She’d caught herself some nice ass here. Weird about the dream though.

She’d dreamed she was a big, shiny cat and at her feet two kittens were lying curled up together. Purring. Not her kittens, thank you very much. Her offspring would be smart as well as cute, but at least they were kind of sweet. She’d tickled their chins and foreheads and listened to the rumbling from their little chests. Nice one. She’d get a cat when she was older. Nice animals. Pretty. Clean. In a minute she’d wake these lazy good-for-nothing kids and have them clean her house. She’d just rest for a little while longer.


© Tonica

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