Strange Magic

Primary Characters: Crockett, Tubbs, Trudy
Rating: MA
Spoilers: Minor ones
Warning: f/m sex , non-consenting sex, violence, some strong language
Description: Trudy knows something’s wrong and wants to help Crockett. When she finds out what happened, she thinks of a way to help Crockett. She also thinks of a way to make someone else change his style.

Sonny Crockett was beginning to relax a little. No one had questioned his version of events on the fateful night when the crime lord he was targeting through an under cover operation, had been attacked and left in a coma, by an unknown assailant. Except Crockett knew exactly who had attacked Sanchez and despite the story he’d told, he’d been at Sanchez’ beach house and seen the whole thing.

But even if he’d admitted what he knew, he couldn’t explain what had happened. He had no idea why his friend had acted the way he had. When you worked so closely together as two cops did, you ended up knowing each other well, or you asked to be reassigned. He’d thought he’d known his partner, his friend, Ricardo Tubbs. Then suddenly, his friend had changed into a total stranger, in the space of a heartbeat.

By focusing on one little step at a time, he’d forced himself through the first days after the incident, but he knew that his apparent calm was only superficial. The minute he faced Tubbs again, his act would crumble and his colleagues would suspect something was wrong. He didn’t know how to deal with that.

In the end, he’d gathered up his courage and asked what Tubbs was doing. Just as he’d suspected, his partner was on another assignment. That couldn’t last forever. He knew that any day now, he’d be standing face to face with his old friend again and he knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it. But there was nothing he could do about it, so he just kept on getting through each day, by sheer force of will.

Every morning, he braced himself for the upcoming confrontation, ending up so tense, he was sure someone would notice, then feeling light-headed with relief, as the hours went by and Tubbs didn’t show up.

As another day had passed, Crockett was standing by his desk, putting on his jacket, getting ready to go home.

Gina and Trudy seemed to be watching him constantly, making him nervous and self-concious, worrying that his face was giving something away. He’d had to turn down several offers of lunch, dinner and a round of drinks. They meant well, but at the moment, he couldn’t face sitting down with his colleagues, making small talk, acting like he was completely at ease, when he wasn’t.

He heard footsteps behind him and turned to face whoever it was – Switek most likely – to politely say no thanks to yet another well-meaning invitation. When he realized who it was, his face drained of all color and he took one unsteady step back, his fingers searching blindly for a chair he couldn’t find. Suddenly, his legs felt numb.

Tubbs kept walking closer and Crockett knew he was backed into a corner. He had nowhere to turn, so he was left waiting until the other man was standing there, facing him, just like he’d dreaded all along.

If Tubbs noticed Crockett’s reaction, he gave no sign of it. The room was empty. Since the incident, Crockett had taken to staying late, just to avoid friendly offers of drinks and dinner.

Tubbs’ hand moved and as in slow motion it made contact with Crockett’s face, not violently, as Crockett had assumed, but so lightly, he almost didn’t flinch. In any case, his reaction seemed to be lost on his partner.

Tubbs’ fingers traced the lines of Crockett’s face, lingering on his mouth. He made an attempt to move even closer, but it was as if finally, Crockett’s reaction was filtering through to him. Again, his hand shot out, this time landing on Crockett’s shoulder. He pushed lightly and somehow, Crockett felt himself coming along, unresistingly.

Tubbs led him to the locker room, where he looked around, to make sure they were alone. When he’d finished his visual search, he moved closer again, this time more or less pinning Crockett against the wall.

He leaned closer and covered Crockett’s mouth with his. His tongue slid across Crockett’s lips and wetly made contact with the other guy’s tongue.

Crockett shivered and made a whimpering noise. He’d never been so terrified in his life. This was ridiculous. He was never this scared, not since he was a kid. This was his partner. His friend. Besides, tonight, the gun was missing. Except he could feel its hard form pressing into his chest, through Tubbs’ jacket.

It seemed to take forever, before Tubbs let go and moved back slightly.

Crockett licked his lips and swallowed, trying to find his voice again.

“Why are you doing this? I don’t get it. You – I can’t -“

The look in Tubbs’ eyes changed subtly and the smile left his face.

“What are you talking about? You were letting that – pervert – kiss you. Touch you. He was all over you. Don’t tell me I was imagining things. I saw you.”

“He attacked me. Like you did.”

Tubbs’ eyes flashed warningly and seemed to change color. Crockett had never seen any shade that deep green.

“You don’t give yourself to anyone. Is that clear? If anyone’s going to -“

Crockett coughed to try and clear his throat, but couldn’t form the words he had on the tip of his tongue. He was going to say ‘you don’t own me’, but somehow, he lost his nerve and dropped his gaze. He couldn’t bear the look in Tubbs’ eyes.

Had he been walking around, sending out these signals? Giving Tubbs the wrong impression? No. It was impossible. They were friends, nothing more, nothing less. Hell, they were partners. They knew each other inside and out. Except it was beginning to dawn on Crockett that he didn’t know Tubbs at all. He’d just thought he did.

Again, Tubbs moved closer and pressed into Crockett in a way that almost made him sob.

“No, Rico. Please. Let me go.”

Tubbs gave no indication of doing as he was told, or even of having heard what his partner was saying, but a noise from the direction of the door made him whirl around. His momentary inattention gave Crockett his chance. Before Tubbs could grab him again, he slipped out the door and ran towards the parking lot.

Outside, he somehow managed to find his car keys, then drove off, recklessly fast, his mind only intent on escape and nothing else.

in the meantime, Castillo slowly and confidently walked into the locker room. He saw Tubbs and nodded a greeting, but since he didn’t have any orders for the man, he didn’t say anything.

Inside the ladies’ room on the other end of the locker room, Trudy remained standing in front of the mirror, deep in thought. So that was it. ‘He attacked me. Like you did.’ Tubbs had – it was hard to believe, but Tubbs’ reply had confirmed what Crockett’s word had already hinted. Which had to mean Tubbs had been the one who attacked Sanchez. A police officer had put a suspect in a coma, not by acting in self defence, but – This was something Trudy would never have suspected, not in a million years.

She had to give this some more thought, then – she would act on the new information. Things couldn’t be allowed to continue this way. At the moment, Trudy had no intention of reporting the new information to the Chief. Time enough to do that later, when she knew what she was dealing with. Her primary concern was Crockett, not the case.

For a while, Trudy even considered discussing the matter with Gina, but something held her back. Gina was her friend and normally, they’d discuss all the things that were on their minds. Work-related and girl talk. She knew all about Gina’s love life and Gina knew everything – or almost everything – about hers. Still, what was going on just seemed too much out of Gina’s league. Besides, whenever there was a serious problem, Trudy liked to figure it out on her own, then deal with it.

She decided that she’d try to approach Crockett first. The tone of his voice when he was pleading with Tubbs still haunted her. This was a new, and totally unexpected trait she’d encountered in her colleague. He usually came across as carefree, positive and even a bit reckless at times.

She’d known something was wrong, the minute she saw Crockett return to work after he’d been pulled off the under cover assignment. The look in his eyes hinted that something was troubling him and now she knew what it was. Now all she needed to do was find a way to fix it. Which brought her back to her original intention – getting close to Crockett – despite his refusal to socialize with his friends.

Clearly, some new approach was needed and as it happened, she thought she had the solution. She chose her moment well. It was a night Gina had other plans, and Switek too, was busy elsewhere. Tubbs – well, she’d deal with him when she had to. She’d find a way of separating the two guys, if she had to, then she’d get Crockett away from the precinct.

Her place, not his. That gator didn’t scare her but she wasn’t going to spend an extended period of time around that kind of animal. She really drew the line at reptiles. Even a screeching parrot would be better.

She stalked Crockett out to the parking lot, then waited until he’d unlocked the door to his car to make her move. Placing her hand on his shoulder, she opened her mouth to begin her little speech, when suddenly, Crockett whirled around. He looked as if he was about to attack her. Trudy stood her ground, but winced at the terror in her colleague’s eyes.

“Hey. Relax. It’s just me.”

It took Crockett a while to get his breath back. For a second, he’d been sure it was Tubbs who was standing behind him, about to start the nightmare all over again.

“Trudy. I’m sorry. You startled me.”

“Apparently. Sorry about that. I was wondering if you could do me a big favor. Two actually, but first things first.”

Conflicting emotions flew through Crockett’s mind. Irritation – at himself, for being so skittish – and her, for spooking him, relief – it wasn’t Tubbs, after all, and finally, something else. He recalled his thoughts about Trudy’s personality and potential preferences. Still, the last thing he wanted was to be forced to spend time with someone who might be able to spot the changes in him.

Castillo wouldn’t bother finding out, Switek might not be paying attention, but Gina and Trudy could be counted on never to miss a single thing going on in their colleagues’ lives. He couldn’t risk it. On the other hand, if he refused to help Trudy out, wouldn’t that be a dead giveaway in itself?

“Ok. What’s the problem?”

He could hear how hollow his carefree act sounded, even in his own ears. Would Trudy be fooled? Just in case, he forced himself to relax, to lean comfortably on the car, even – he didn’t know where the idea sprang from – posing just a little, like in the old days.

“It’s my car battery. It’s dead. Could you drop me off at my place? Please. I don’t fancy waiting for a cab at this hour. Gina left almost an hour ago.”

It would be something like that too, but he didn’t see how he could turn Trudy down. If he left her standing out here, he’d feel guilty afterwards.

“Sure. No problem. Hop in. It’s always a pleasure to show off a pretty passenger.”

“Thanks. You know I love that car.”

He turned onto the road, and continued driving in her direction. Even if he’d never spent the night there, of course he knew where she lived. He’d picked Gina up there plenty of times and dropped her off there too, occasionally, as well as driven Trudy home some nights.

“So, what was your other problem?”

Trudy had thought long and hard about it and since she knew Sonny Crockett wasn’t the guy to turn to with problems with the plumbing, she had come up with something more suited for his talents.

“I saw a snake in the bathroom this morning. A black, nasty, big one. You know I don’t scare easily. If it was a rat or a roach, I’d deal with it myself, but I was kind of hoping you could take a look and if it’s still there, maybe you could -“

“What? Charm it? Shoot it?”

“Whatever you like, as long as you get it out of there.”

“Why don’t you call animal control?”

“Ok, I will. After you make sure it’s not still slithering around inside my apartment.”

“Ok. But if I don’t see it, it’s no guarantee it won’t be there.”

He was wondering if that was the right thing to say. It might mean no sleep at all tonight for Trudy, and besides, gator or not, he wasn’t too keen on snakes himself. Not that he’d ever let on in front of one of the girls.

“Thanks. Now you’ve really made me feel better. Actually, I thought about that. So if I pack up a few things, could you drop me off at Gina’s?”

“Sure. Maybe I’ll find that snake and maybe I’ll be able to persuade it to leave the premises. Take it easy.”

Trudy smiled, in a way that he thought wasn’t quite right, but surely he was imagining things. Didn’t she look just a bit too content, for someone who was terrified of a snake? Oh, well, there was no telling with a woman.

He parked the car outside her building – grateful that it was in a good neighborhood. It would be at least as safe as at the marina’s parking lot. They continued upstairs in silence. Trudy got her key, let them in and shut the door behind them. She let him move ahead, which made sense if she wanted him to check the place for snakes.

He walked into the bathroom, looked around, even lifted the lid of the toilet. There was no trace of any animal, let alone a big, black snake. He wasn’t sure how thorough a search she expected him to perform. If he didn’t know any better, he would have said the whole thing was a ruse, like a come-on. Trudy really didn’t seem that scared.

Just in case, he looked under the furniture in the living room. Again, there was nothing. Which didn’t prove a thing, but, really, when you thought about it, would there be snakes in such a fancy condominium?

“Could you check in the bedroom, too, please?”


He opened the door and stepped inside. Nice, big bed. Strong colors. He’d known Trudy was a girl who liked a bit of color. The door closed behind him and again, he whirled around. Trudy was standing with her back against the door, looking – determined – somehow. He’d been right. Something was up. It was odd, but he saw no reason for concern.

Trudy pointed towards a chair which was standing in front of a dressing table.

“It’s either that or the bed. Please, sit down. I’m sorry for the deception, but the way you’ve been acting this past week or two, I knew I couldn’t just ask you out for a drink and a conversation.”

He could always refuse and ask her, politely, or not so politely, to let him get out of there, but it would only make things worse. Maybe it was better to try and put her off, somehow.

“Ok. I’m listening.”

He sat down on the bed, for no other reason than that he preferred not to catch a glimpse of his own face in the mirror. Besides, all that perfume and makeup would be just a bit too much.

Trudy pulled the chair closer and sat down.

“Actually, I was hoping I could listen to you telling me what’s wrong.”

“Who says anything’s wrong?”

“Sonny. Give me some credit. You think I haven’t noticed how you’ve changed? Are you saying it’s just a coincidence that you’ve begun acting like this after Sanchez was attacked?”

“What are you saying?”

“I know. Don’t make this worse. If you talk to me, maybe I could -“

“What? Help me?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Leave me alone.”

“I’m your friend. You think I should just let you go on feeling like this?”

He got up so quickly, it startled her. The look in his eyes was so fierce, she was wondering if she’d gone too far. But his animation died as suddenly as it had flared. He looked beaten.

“Sonny. Just let me help.”

“I appreciate your concern, but there’s nothing you can do.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do.”

“Tell me what happened that night.”


“I already know most of it. Just fill in the blanks.”

“How can you know?”

“I don’t know why, but I know Tubbs -“

How was it possible that she knew?

“Did he tell you?”

“No. He’s the one who attacked Sanchez, isn’t he?”

His reaction told her that she was right, but then she’d known that all along. She got up and sat down on the bed beside him, and put her hand on his cheek. He gave up the pretense and slumped down, the look on his face naked and crushed. Gently, she pulled him closer and held him.

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t know how this could have happened. It was just out of the blue. Sanchez attacked me, then suddenly -“

“Ok. So he was there to provide backup. Then things got out of hand?”

“It was – like I didn’t know him. He didn’t say anything, just – he took me back to his place – then -“

She waited, but nothing more was forthcoming. Besides, she’d already guessed the rest. She knew it was no use asking why. If Crockett had known, he wouldn’t have told her anyway, but she was betting he didn’t have a clue either.

The question was, what did she do now? To her surprise, Crockett began to speak again, slowly at first, then more rapidly. It was as if he felt a need to explain himself, even if he couldn’t explain what had motivated his partner.

“I’ve never – you have to believe me – I never did anything to encourage him.”

“Of course not. I’ve seen you together. Unbelievable. You two looked like you were best buddies. I’d hardly ever seen two partners that close.”

“But he said -“

His voice broke and he couldn’t go on. Besides, what could he say? Tubbs had told him what the incident at Sanchez’ place had looked like. As if he’d offered himself to Sanchez. That no one else had the right to – No one but Tubbs. But how could he say that to Trudy? It would be too humiliating, yet at the same time, appealing, exactly because it was so humiliating. He didn’t know where that came from.


Trudy’s voice sounded gentle, but at the same time encouraging, in a way that made him want to do as she told him and somehow, he responded to the slightly imperious tone.

“He said – he thought I was – that I was going to let Sanchez – but no one had a right to – no one but him -“

“I see.”

Suddenly, there was a touch of steel in Trudy’s voice. Crockett was wondering if it was directed at Tubbs for his claims or – at him – Crockett – for – giving himself to a suspect. But he hadn’t. It was just in Tubbs’ imagination. Crockett almost shook his head. How could the thought of being compelled to do something by Tubbs be so repugnant to him, when the idea that Trudy might – make him submit – was as appealing as the first was vile?


Startled, he looked up and faced her.


“Were you going to let Sanchez get what he wanted?”

“Of course not. I told you. He attacked me. I guess -“


“I must have done my part a little too well.”

“So you did come on to him.”

“No. I just – I guess – flirted a little. Like I do with women, all the time. It was part of the assignment.”

“I see. What about Tubbs?”

“What about him?”

“He seems to think he has a claim on you.”

“That’s what he said, but I never gave him any reason to think so. You know me.”

“Yeah, I know you. I thought I knew Rico too, but clearly I didn’t.”

“Neither did I.”

“So, Sonny, what do you think about that?”

“About what?”

“About – belonging to someone?”

“I don’t get it. What are you asking?”

Trudy subjected him to an intense stare, that left him flushed and breathless. It was almost as if – surely she couldn’t be – but he recognized that look. She was coming on to him. Only not quite the same way Gina had or any of the other women in his life. He’d always been the one to – take the initiative. That was what most women wanted, or so he’d thought. If he was right – a whole new world could be opening to him.

She didn’t answer his question directly, instead she had another one for him.

“What did he do?”

Crockett stared incomprehendingly at Trudy. What was she really asking? Surely she couldn’t mean – But the look in her eyes left no room for misunderstandings. He found that the idea of obeying her turned him on.

“He – pulled his gun on me. Touched me with it.”

“Touched you? Where? Show me.”

He hesitated. This felt a little too weird, but – if his mind had trouble keeping up, his body didn’t. His breathing picked up as he let his fingers touch his lips, then move down his chest, linger there for a while, then – after another moment of hesitation – further down. Trudy’s eyes never left his hand.

“Did you like that?”

“No. Not with him. Not – the gun.”

“But you liked something about it.”

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement, but he nodded anyway. He couldn’t deny that – being fought for and even more – being forced to do things against his will turned him on, even if it was only a man doing it. If Trudy should –

“What did you like?”

How could he explain that? It was hard enough to accept the fact, silently, inside his mind. How could he put his insight into words? But she’d asked him a question and he couldn’t let her down.

“I liked -“

He closed his eyes, but he could still sense her attention and he knew his submission was turning her on too.

“I liked being fought over, being taken somewhere against my will. I liked – being forced to -“

His breath came more quickly by now, and so was hers. In fact, being lured back to her place almost counted as being forced. No gun, no violence. Words could be almost as compelling as something more substantial, but he knew that it wasn’t merely the words, there was more to it than that. It was the sheer force of Trudy’s personality that drew him in and – in a moment of clarity he saw it all and faced the truth – no matter what she asked of him, he’d do it.

“Did he undress you?”

He lowered his voice, but didn’t hesitate.

“Yes. He – tore off my t-shirt and -“

He could feel her hands moving across his shoulders, then inside his jacket, slipping it off him, then pulling his t-shirt over his head – not tearing it – he suspected that she didn’t have quite the physical strength for that, but if anything, that felt reassuring, not disappointing.

“The pants too.”

It took him a second or two to realize he’d been given a direct order. He didn’t hesitate to obey it.

“Keep your eyes closed. Don’t move.”

He heard her digging around for something, then felt cool metal against his wrists. She must have had two pairs of cuffs. As they clicked shut, his physical reaction intensified. He felt her hands move across his skin and the arousal became almost painful. She got on top of him and he realized that she’d undressed too and was more or less naked. Her skin on his was triggering a reaction inside him that kept growing. All the time, he could feel the cuffs eating into his wrists. The command to keep his eyes shut was still fresh in his mind.

Knowing that he had no idea what she was doing or what she had planned took the experience to quite another level than ever before.

Afterwards, he realized that Trudy had used no violence and no weapon to subdue him, but despite the fact that she never did anything he hadn’t experienced before, the fact that she was in control, made all the difference. This totally blew his mind. Somehow, it put what had happened with Tubbs into perspective. His friend had betrayed him and he knew he’d have a hard time trusting him again, but – it was as if Trudy had taken some of the shame and humiliation away.


Trudy was quite happy with developments, all in all, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Tubbs. He was just as hot as Crockett and in the past, she’d had him figured as one of the good guys. It was just too bad he’d turned into this – cold, ruthless monster. Was there anything she could do about that? Hm. Maybe there was. Tough problems called for tough measures.

She had to consider the matter closely. In comparison, dealing with Crockett’s trauma – and – finding the key to his personality – had been easy. Cracking Tubbs would be much harder, if it was even possible, but – how many hot green-eyed studs did you run into in your lifetime? Of course, he’d be worth it, if he responded the way she was hoping.

This time, timing and location would be even more crucial. It was a while, until she could find the optimum conditions. Even when she did, she still needed to engineer a situation that was foolproof. After mulling the matter over in her mind, the solution came to her.

In the meantime, she had the satisfaction not only of a very rewarding sexlife, but also knowing that her colleague, and friend, Crockett, seemed to be doing better. A win-win situation, no question about it.

On the evening she was going to put her plan into motion, she’d told Crockett to stay put at home, and possibly, wait for a call from her. She waited at work, until Gina, Switek and the others had gone home. Fortunately, Tubbs often stayed late, to work out after his shift ended.

She knew it would be tricky. There was no guarantee that Tubbs would be as easily persuaded as Crockett had been. That stood to reason. As a dominant, she knew another when she saw one. Still, playing it safe had never been her thing.

Again, she waited until Tubbs was in the parking lot, then jumped him. She took him totally by surprise. By the time he realized what was going on, she already had the cuffs on him, behind his back, and had her arm around his neck. She pressed her gun into the base of his neck, making sure he heard the click as she released the safety.

He’d know by now that he was dealing with a woman, but since she held him in a vice – no pun intended – and the gun was pressed into his neck, she didn’t think that even Tubbs would risk trying to break free. She could feel the tension in his body, but at the moment, he wasn’t going to try anything. It was time she got him into the trunk of her car, which, thanks to her planning, was parked only one space away.

She pressed the gun into him a little harder and by pushing and prodding a little, she got him to move in the direction she wanted. It was only a few steps away and before he had time to react, she’d pushed him inside, then slammed the lid shut on him.

He’d have identified her car by now, but had he guessed she was the one attacking him? It was possible, but wasn’t it also possible that whoever had attacked him had stolen her car, maybe attacked her too? She’d soon know. Besides, her plan depended on facing him, so he’d know one way or another before long.

Driving home, she was thinking ahead to the moment when she’d have to get him out of the car. If someone saw them together, would they call the police? Confront them? Or simply assume that they were a couple up to some kinky little private game and leave them alone? In her neighborhood it was hard to guess what would happen. Her neighbors kept an eye out and wouldn’t let anything criminal pass, but they might just understand the need for privacy in a case like this.

Just in case, she parked around the back, close to a service entrance. At this time of night, no one would be working there, and the windows all faced in other directions. WIth a bit of luck, no one would notice. It would be tricky enough to get him inside, without having the tables turned on her. After hearing what had happened to Crockett, she didn’t relish the thought of being at Tubbs’ mercy.

She got out and stood watching the trunk before finally unlocking it and moving back and to the side. If she wasn’t mistaken, he’d be jumping out like a jack-in-the-box. Her gun was already in her hand, safety released and aimed straight at the spot where he’d appear.

His eyes met hers, and the expression in them might have intimidated another person. Trudy faced him squarely.

“What the hell -“

“The questions can wait. After you.”

She pointed with her gun towards the corner of the building. He stared defiantly at her, and refused to move an inch.

“I said – what the fuck do you think you’re playing at?”

“I know what you’re asking. See this?”

“Yeah, I see it. You’re pulling a gun on a colleague. Have you lost your mind, you stupid bitch?”

“Uh oh. You shouldn’t have said that. Besides, I’m pulling a gun on a colleague? What about you?”

“Put that away and I might not press charges.”

She didn’t reply. Instead, she repeated her gesture. No reaction. They’d reached an impasse. A good thing she liked a challenge. She groped in her pocket and found the silencer she’d picked up in their storage room. With a quick, much practiced gesture, she attached it to her gun, then without flinching, put a bullet in the concrete an inch or so from Tubbs’ feet.

His eyes widened slightly, but she still didn’t like the look on his face. It would have to mellow out a lot, before she was happy about it. At least she could tell she had his attention by now.

Tubbs could hardly believe his eyes. He hadn’t seen this coming. They’d dated. Come close to sleeping together. He’d never figured Trudy was any different from all the other women he’d been with. The person he saw staring out of her eyes was as hard and as unflinching as a man.

Once again, she raised her gun, but not by much. She kept it aimed about halfway up his body. For the first time since he’d felt the steel of the handcuffs on his skin, he felt the slightest touch of doubt. He could hardly remember the last time he’d faced a situation he didn’t know how to handle, but this time – he felt at a loss.

Trudy kept aiming the gun at his crotch and in the end, he gave in, as she’d known he would. No guy in the world would risk being hit there.

She took care to walk far enough behind him so he couldn’t stop and turn on her, but not too far behind, so he could make a run for it. They ended up outside her door. Again, this was a tricky patch. Getting the door unlocked in time for him to get inside, without having any chance to try something unexpected, was crucial.

She’d thought this over again and again, and she’d come to the conclusion she needed an edge. With his superior physical strength, there was only one way to achieve that.

“On your knees.”

His slanted green eyes shot venom at her, and just to spite her, he stood his ground.

“You heard me. I’d rather not take a shot at -“

She gestured with her other hand, without taking her eyes off his face for a second.

In the end, he complied. That was the moment she’d waited for. Before he had time to suspect anything, she brought the butt of the gun down on his head, as hard as she dared. She didn’t want him to pass out completely, but she couldn’t risk merely angering him. To her relief, it seemed she’d calculated the blow just right. She had time to unlock the door, open it and shove him far enough inside so she could close the door.

Pushing on, not giving him time to recover, she dragged him into her bedroom. She’d prepared this in advance so it was an easy matter to get the cuffs undone, then get him into the other ones, which were attached to the bedposts, and his ankles into the shackles.

While he came to, she went to get the knife. It was lucky that it was an exceptionally hot night. He’d left his jacket in his locker at the precinct. The t-shirt would tear easily enough, with the help of the knife. She was wondering if it would be safe to get on top of him or if she ought to use the duct tape she’d gotten, just in case.

He looked vicious, but not desperate enough to bite, at least she didn’t think so.

By now, at least he’d learned that she was serious. She straddled him, and began to cut off the t-shirt. It was almost funny to follow the play of emotions across his face. Anger, defiance, bafflement, maybe something else. But she didn’t have time to sit here all night, staring at his face, no matter how handsome it was.

“You’re out of your mind.”

There was a note of incredulity in his voice. As if he couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

When she slipped out of her jacket and skirt, the look in his eyes changed. That was all very well, but he still didn’t look chastened enough. It was time she showed who was in charge.

She had put the gun on her dressing table. Now she picked it up again, then got back onto the bed. Her hands moved quickly and surely and she opened the gun, to show him it was loaded, then closed it again, releasing the safety. Aiming it at his crotch, she began to stretch out on the bed, by his side.

He began to strain against the cuffs, finally showing the first traces of uncertainty, if not fear.

She began to rub the gun against his face, tracing the outlines of his exquisite cheekbones, his lips and chin. From time to time, she emphasized her edge by pressing the gun a little harder into his flesh. She moved the gun further down and began to rub it against his crotch. It was time those pants came off too. Again, she reached for the knife and this time, there was no doubt about it, fear had crept into his eyes. She left the shorts on for the time being.

On an impulse, she brought the gun back up to his face again, and this time she pried his lips apart, then tapped the gun against his teeth. By now, she didn’t have any trouble making him obey. He opened his mouth and let her shove the gun inside. Moving it inside and out for a while caused his breathing to pick up and when she pressed her hand against his heart, she could tell it was beating faster too.

She briefly considered pushing it inside another orifice, but decided against it. It was time to move on. With one hand she pulled the shorts down, while with the other, she pressed the gun to his chin. The metal of the gun made contact with the bone in his jaw. Great bone structure.

Now everything depended on what his reaction would be to the whole thing. How terrified was he? Was there a part of him, that responded to the feeling of helplessness? Or would he be too shocked to be able to react to her satisfaction?

She began to rub herself against his crotch area again, not removing the gun, but not pressing it any harder into his flesh. For a while, there was no reaction and she was beginning to think she’d need to use another method, but before she’d had time to move, she felt the change.

It was an easy matter to slip out of her own panties. Yes. She’d been right in her gamble. The last traces of resistance had left him. When she looked into his eyes and held his gaze, all she could see was compliance. His eyes glazed over and for a while all you could hear was the sound of their breathing.

Afterwards, she put the gun away, hid it in a place she knew he wouldn’t find it. It was just a precaution. Besides, it had served its purpose. She’d avenged poor Crockett and she’d pleased herself and Tubbs at the same time.

Tubbs even showed signs of drifting off to sleep. Quite a change, for a guy who less than an hour ago had called her – oh, yeah, she knew she’d forgotten something. Stupid bitch? That was another thing he’d have to pay for.

“Listen to me, Ricardo.”

He looked into her eyes, all trace of resistance gone.

“You called me a stupid bitch. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t punish you for that.”

“I -“

“Ok, we’ll let that slide for the moment. But don’t think I’ll forget about it. You’ll pay for that, sooner or later. Now I want to know what the hell you thought you were doing when you attacked Sonny.”

Her gaze was locked onto his, but now, he tried to look away.

“Look at me. You will tell me.”

“I -“

“Yes, I know it was you. Now tell me why.”

“He – I don’t know. Suddenly, I just couldn’t take it anymore. He was sitting there coming on to that pervert. It was all wrong.”


“He was -“


“He didn’t have the right to give himself to him.”

“Oh, yeah. Why not?”

“Because -“

“Tell me.”

“He’s mine.”

“No, he isn’t.”

“But -“

“Sonny doesn’t belong to you. You don’t own him. I do. Any objections?”

Tubbs stared at Trudy, again as if he was seeing her for the first time. Suddenly, everything fell into place. Of course.



“No. I think I see now.”

“Good. Just so we’re clear on that. Sonny is mine. So are you. Right?”

“Right. We both belong to you.”

“Good. Now, there’s that little matter of you calling me names.”

“I’m sorry. I – was wrong.”

“Yes, you were. More wrong than you can imagine. So – what do you have to say to me?”

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. It won’t happen again.”

“It better not. Ok. I’ll forgive you, this once, but if you ever insult me again -“

She left the sentence unfinished. He could spend some time wondering what she’d do to him if he ever talked back at her.

“Now – I have a phone call to make. There’s someone else you need to apologize to.”

She didn’t wait to see Tubbs’ reaction.

Crockett was awake and waiting. He didn’t waste any time obeying her. Within half an hour he was there, let himself in and came into the bedroom. Whatever he’d expected, it wasn’t this. His first reaction was to cower away from the man on the bed, but that was stupid. Tubbs was shackled to the bedposts.

Crockett’s next impulse was to stare at Trudy’s state of undress, then at Tubbs’ similar condition.

Trudy caught his gaze and held it, challenging him to object.

“Well? What do you think?”

“I -“

“Rico has something to say to you. Don’t you, Rico?”

“Yes. Sonny – I -“

Tubbs’ nervously licked his lips. His experience had completely changed his outlook. Suddenly, he saw what he’d done. Crockett was his friend. He’d hurt him. ‘He attacked me. Just like you did.’ The silent accusation stung. What right did he have to force himself on his friend, his partner, a guy who had trusted him with his life? How could he even think of such a thing? He wasn’t even gay. The whole thing was insane. He’d been insane. Would things ever be the same again between them?

“Sonny, I’m so sorry. I was out of my mind.”

Crockett didn’t know what to say. Seeing Tubbs’ lying helpless on the bed had changed his reaction to his friend – or former friend. Somehow, the guy had lost some of the terrifying qualities he’d assumed in Crockett’s mind. Now he looked more normal, more – harmless. A lot more like the old Tubbs. And his tone seemed to hint at that too. Whatever it was that had turned his partner into the snarling beast who had broken him, seemed to be gone.

“I – ok.”

Trudy bent over the bed and undid the shackles pinning Tubbs down. Slowly, he sat up. His eyes moved between Trudy and Crockett and back again. In her turn, Trudy studied the two guys. She liked what she saw. They were even hotter together.

“Ok. Why don’t we all get into bed? It’s late. Besides, we should celebrate. Come on, Sonny. Take off your clothes.”

Crockett did as he was told, then sat down at the foot of the bed, with Trudy between him and Tubbs. That was the way he liked it. With her in between. He thought he could guess what Trudy had done to Tubbs. She’d subjected him to the same or almost the same treatment as Tubbs had put him, Crockett, through. In a way, it was only fair. Of course, he could never have brought himself to do the same. If he’d been given the chance, he’d been more inclined to smash his fist into Tubbs’ face.

But after submitting to Trudy and knowing Tubbs had done the same, he didn’t feel the same way anymore. The incident would still hurt. Maybe the pain would never go away, but he knew he’d lost some of his terror of Rico. If they could still be friends, remained to be seen. It would take a lot more than what had happened tonight, to put his mind at rest, but he thought he’d be able to accept that they both belonged to Trudy.

If it had happened a couple of months back, he thought he would have loved the idea. He and Rico, best friends, brothers in arms and the same woman’s lovers. Whatever strange magic Trudy had worked on them, it must have had some healing quality. Crockett had regained his will to live and maybe, just maybe, he’d get back to normal, or almost normal some day. At least he had some hope that day might come.

Tubbs let his eyes wander across Crockett’s face. He knew the haunted look was his doing. If there was anything he could do to make it up to his friend, he would. Part of him felt guilty for having enjoyed the ‘punishment’ so much. For what he’d done to Sonny, he deserved to suffer, not enjoy himself, but at least he’d been put through the exact same treatment. Now he could imagine how badly he’d hurt Sonny.

He’d live with the guilt for the rest of his life and he knew he might never regain Sonny’s trust. Maybe that was the real punishment? He’d never had a friend like Crockett before and never would. It was bitter knowing he’d thrown that away, for some mad impulse he’d had when he’d seen Crockett with Sanchez. That was another thing he’d have to carry around for the rest of his life. Having betrayed his badge. Being a cop was his life. He’d sold out his professional integrity in a moment of rage.

At least Trudy had been able to reach Crockett and – hopefully – begun to heal him. He’d have to settle for that. And learning to submit to someone else – to a woman – had been different from anything he could ever have imagined. In the past, he’d always been the dominant one in a relationship, except for the first couple of years, in his teens, when he’d enjoyed a few more or less equal relationships.

The moment he realized he had no choice but to comply, pleasure beyond imagining had exploded inside him. He’d been disappointed Trudy hadn’t hit him more. Maybe next time. After all, he had been very bad. Trudy had said it herself, he deserved punishment. He was hoping she’d put the cuffs back on him. Whatever she’d do to him, he’d accept gratefully.

Trudy smiled contentedly. Things hadn’t turned out too badly. This was a brilliant idea, even if she said so herself. Now all she had to do was find a way to keep their arrangement a secret. People like Castillo and Gina couldn’t be expected to understand. It wasn’t to be expected. Gina was a great girl, but Trudy didn’t think she’d get the whole dominance thing, or worse – she might actually enjoy submitting to a guy. It was her loss. Trudy couldn’t wait to get started again. This time with two guys. Mm. Yummy.


© Tonica

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