Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel


© Tonica

There’s one slayer who will protect mankind from vampires. For a while, her name was Buffy. Buffy had a boyfriend, a 200 year-old vampire with a soul – Angel. She also had a friend – Willow, who has a boyfriend – Oz. Angel has a friend called Doyle.

My stories might be said to take place in an alternate universe, and they don’t focus much on Buffy, Xander or Cordelia. Doyle is still alive in this universe, and so is Jenny Callender and Joyce Summers.

The stories are placed more or less in chronological order. It would be easier to read them as they appear on the page.

Playing With The Boys
Something So Strong
That Fatal Kiss
It’s My Party
Little Lies
The Power Of Goodbye
Private Emotion
Kisses of Fire
Watching You
Neverending Love

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