The Mating Game

Primary Characters: Tuvok, Seven
Rating: M
Spoilers: Not really
Warning: References to various sexual activities. m/f sex.
Description: Tuvok’s Pon Farr is back. He finds a crewmate unexpectedly eager to help him out.

Captain Janeway’s log Stardate 56473: It seems mr Tuvok’s Pon Farr isn’t quite over. Today, he had another attack, and as the captain of this vessel it is my duty to help save his life.

When she informed Chakotay about her decision she expected to be contradicted, and she wasn’t disappointed. But she wouldn’t allow him to stop her. She was the captain, this was her responsibility, and whatever she decided couldn’t be questioned by anyone. Not even her first officer. Not even her secret lover.

“No, Chakotay. Don’t say anything. I’ve made up my mind about this. It isn’t open for discussion.”

“Kathryn, please. I’m not asking for myself. It’s you I’m concerned about. You know as well as I do what sex with a Vulcan will do to you. Humans shouldn’t do this.”

“Tuvok is a member of my crew, and I didn’t come all this way to turn my back on him now. His life is in danger, as much as if he were under attack from hostile aliens.”

The buzz from the direction of the door interrupted their discussion, and Janeway angrily turned away from her lover.

“May I come in, captain?”

Seven. What could she possibly want at a time like this? Janeway’s voice was even more strained than usual when she grunted her permission for the former Borg to enter her ready room.

“Yes? This had better be important. Every second counts, as you know.”

“That is the matter I have come to discuss with you. It is my opinion that I would be the logical choice for this treatment.”

“Treatment? Anyway, I’m not discussing this with anyone.”

“Wait. Let me elaborate.”

“You’d better be quick about it.”

“Certainly. Captain, I will get straight to the point. You will most definitely be injured by mating with a Vulcan. I believe I will not. As you know, I’m still much less fragile than any ordinary human. So let me help mr Tuvok.”

“Captain, I do believe Seven has a point. Won’t you let her take your place? Please, this ship and this crew need you, you shouldn’t place yourself in danger like this, when there is an alternative.”

Janeway was furious at both of them. How dared they come into her ready room and oppose her like this? But she caught herself, just as she was about to deliver herself of some sharp comments.

There was something in Seven’s eyes, that told her something new and surprising about the former Borg. She was eager to do this, for her own sake, not only for Tuvok’s. So, finally, there was something human about her. The captain’s anger simmered down, and she changed her mind.

“Alright, Seven. You may be right. Go ahead then, go to him. You will find him in the holodeck, but as far as the Doctor could tell me, the therapy isn’t working this time.”

“Thank you, captain.”

When she had left, Janeway continued staring at the closed door, until her lover interrupted her train of thought.

“Kathryn. I’m glad you changed your mind.”

“What? Oh, I suppose you both had a point. She’s more suited for this than I am, after all.”

“That’s not all. You have to face it, Kathryn. They know about us. And they have known for a long time. It’s just that they all know how important your privacy is to you and your position as captain.”

“No. No one’s ever given any indication of it.”

“You’re their captain. They respect you, and they love you, so they obviously didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this. All this time, and everyone has known about it?”

“But don’t you see, their knowing hasn’t done anything to damage their respect for you, or their willingness to follow you.”

“But the captain and the first officer should not be sexually involved like this. It’s been an unwritten law ever since that business on the Bounty.”

“Darling, first of all, you and I are not both men, and secondly, even if we were, I doubt that it would spook the crew that much. Times have changed a little.”

“I know they have. We have at least three male-male couples on this ship, as well as one female-female. But my point is, I’m the captain, you’re one of my crew. Starfleet regulations clearly state that -“

“I know what it says, Kathryn, but think about it. Even if we do find our way back home, we would be 80, 90 years old. This may be the only chance at happiness we will ever have. No one’s grudging us that chance. And what are you saving yourself for anyway? Mark got married. My wife is dead. Let’s face it, no one is waiting for us back home.”

“That makes sense, but still I’m the captain.”

“Yes. I never question your authority -“

At that Janeway smiled a little, and he caught the meaning of it, and returned the smile, slightly apologetically.

“Alright. I almost never question your authority, and when I have, I’ve been proven wrong. But what I was getting to, is this: You’re a human being too. With emotions, and needs. Let me give this to you. Please, Kathryn, you aren’t going to throw this away, just because you found out that the entire crew has known about us all along.”

“But how did they find out? Who told them?”

“I certainly didn’t. All they had to do was see us together. How did you know that Tom and B’Elanna were lovers?”

“That’s not the same thing. Don’t you remember how we had to keep them apart during their work shifts, or else someone would find them hard at it, behind the next bulkhead?”

“Yes, I remember, but the point is, love can’t be hidden away. You ‘d have to be blind not to see it.”

“Chakotay, I’m too tired to worry about this right now. I just want Tuvok to be ok. We’ll discuss this later.

“Then let’s go to bed. Let me take care of that headache for you.”

“Oh, Chakotay, I guess I never could keep anything from you. Alright, I suppose we might tempt fate one more time. After all, I’m not captain Bligh.”

Chakotay thought that Kathryn smiling was the most beautiful sight in the world. It was such a pity he rarely got to see it.

In the meantime, Seven of Nine made her way to the holodeck. As could be suspected, Tuvok was raging uselessly somewhere in the background. Since Seven still had all the memories of a Borg, she had no trouble at all accessing the pertinent information concerning Vulcan mating rituals.

For some time now, she had been anxious to experience sexual practices, as well as what these sentimental humans called romance. And in her years onboard Voyager, Tuvok was the only male she had ever found attractive. She had briefly considered Harry Kim as a possible partner with which to learn, simply for the reason that he was the most persistent of her admirers.

It was a constant source of amazement to her that so many of the males aboard Voyager would react the way they did to her. Even one female member of the crew had expressed an interest. Just like Tuvok, Seven failed to see the logic in experiencing sex with members of her own sex. If not for the purpose of procreation, then why? It did not make sense to her.

Still, at times she had found herself studying the perfect form of Tuvok’s body, for no apparent reason. It served no purpose, yet her eyes constantly strayed in that direction. And right now she was experiencing something strange and alien to her. For a moment she regretted not asking the captain about these strange emotions. But she continued walking calmly towards the place from which the sounds of Tuvok’s rage were coming.

She saw no reason to clothe her proposition in any unnecessary words. Having a clear memory of the proper procedure to follow in this delicate matter, she merely stepped out in front of Tuvok. They made eye contact, and from that moment on she knew that everything would work out perfectly. She might not learn to understand these strange sensations moving through her body, but perhaps that was not important. To do what she had come to do was.

Tuvok’s strong Vulcan hands grabbed her, and everything proceeded according to plan. It was all the way it had been recorded in the Borg collective mind.

What those facts had failed to reveal to her, was how very tangible it all was. Her body kept throwing new sensations at her, following the male’s touch on her skin. It reminded her slightly of the nutrionally deficient organic and inorganic substances that Neelix referred to as dessert or candy. They contained nothing of real nutritional value, yet something about the way it felt to consume them triggered a certain physical response inside her.

Neelix, and at times her young friend Naomi Wildman, had explained to her that it was called taste. That it was pleasurable to experience something that tasted good. And apparently what was nutritionally sound, did not always taste good. Irrelevant as that information was, Seven had still made a note of it.

And this was pleasurable. Not in taste, although Tuvok’s mouth was pleasant enough to sample, but in some other new and fascinating way. It wasn’t her mouth that sensed this, it was another part of her body.

She wasn’t exactly sure where the center of the sensation was to be found. In fact, her entire body was tingling with something she had never felt before. Seeing the naked skin of the Vulcan was also highly pleasing to her eyes. The way it glistened in the light.

This was as fascinating as she had hoped it would be. How pleasantly smooth, yet strong and lithe his body was. And it was amazing how certain anatomical details of the male body were so perfectly suited for their purpose.

After a while she became aware of a slightly unsettling reaction in her body, not unpleasant, but confusing and somewhat alarming. It was even as if she lost track of time for just a brief moment. Was this some unfortunate side-effect of this mating game? She must ask the Doctor about it later. For now, she was too languid to even move. She could hear Tuvok give out one last sigh, then he too, slumped down, apparently cured at last.

They lay very closely together for some time. It seemed to require too much energy to move just yet. Seven wondered if it was like this for every female or if she was the only one to have ever experienced anything of the kind. Of course she might ask the captain about it, or even the very inefficient and troublesome chief of engineering, B’Elanna Torres, but she found herself reluctant to share any details of her experience.

Now Tuvok got up and walked away from her. Seven was surprised to find that she was disappointed and would have called out to hold Tuvok back. But knowing how the mind of a Vulcan worked, having assimilated some in the past, she realized that it would serve no purpose.

It was about time for her too, to make her way back to her cargo bay and the regeneration alcove. Rest and nutrition would be available there, but for some reason, once she had dressed herself again in her uniform, she found herself drawn to the mess hall. Yes, one of those desserts seemed very appealing right now.

Neelix met her in the doorway, and as always, asked her what he could do for her. For once she almost returned his smile.

“I require sustenance.”

“By all means. That’s what I’m providing here. Take your pick. What can I give you today? Algae soup? Yeast loaf?”

“Chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream and some custard.”

“What? You’re joking, aren’t you?”

“I do not engage in frivolous behavior. Give me some jam too.”

“No, I guess you don’t. Well, you are having a sweet tooth today.”

When B’Elanna Torres walked in five minutes later, she had the surprise of a lifetime. Seven was sitting at the next table, stuffing herself, there was no other word for it, with some very rich desserts. B’Elanna found herself tempted to order the same, but reminded herself that her replicator rations were sadly depleted, and settled for waffles, with genuine sirup. When one of the girls working in engineering walked in, she sat down at her boss’s table and joined her in marvelling over the new and unexpected change in the former Borg.

“What do you think about that, sir?”

“At ease, ensign. We’re having lunch here.”

“Ok, B’Elanna. Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

“Sure. I was as surprised as you were.”

“Do you think it might be that time of the month for her?”

“I have no idea. Do Borgs have that time of the month? The Doctor will know, but I don’t really want to learn about Seven’s cycle, do you?”

“No, but what could have gotten into her?”

“Search me. Well, I’m done here. I’ll be expecting you back in engineering in twenty minutes.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Don’t overdo it, Hannah. I really don’t feel like a sir. See you.”

Having finished her dessert, Seven decided to pay the Doctor a visit. They had spent some time together in the past years, singing and discussing what she referred to as irrelevant social behavior. Something had occurred to her, and she thought it important to clear that up right away.

“Seven? What can I do for you?”

“I wish to know if I am pregnant.”

“Pregnant, Seven? You do know what that means, don’t you?”

“Yes. Am I going to bear a child?”

“Seven, I don’t think we’ve discussed the flowers and the bees yet, but I really thought you realized that pregnancy isn’t something that is spread through the air, like the common cold was hundreds of years ago. You need to involve yourself in sexual contact first.”

“I am well aware of it. At 09.42 mr Tuvok and I had sexual intercourse. I would like to know if I have conceived.”

“But the captain told me she would take care of Tuvok’s condition.”

“Yes. I merely pointed out to her that I was a more logical choice.”

“I see. Well, get up on the table and we’ll see. This is early days yet, but I should be able to tell if something has happened.”

He aimed the medical tricorder at Seven’s abdomen and after a few seconds he had his answer.

“No. Nothing has happened. There is no need for concern.”

“I am not going to have a baby?”

“Seven, did you want to?”

“I am not sure. But am I capable of conceiving?”

“Yes, you should be, but I’m afraid that Vulcan-Human reproduction might need to be artificially engineered.”

“I see.”

“Seven, you look disappointed. Did you want to have a child?”

“I am not sure. But I have considered the matter.”

“Well, don’t worry about it. If you choose to conceive from a human male, there should be no problem.”

“I see. Thank you, Doctor.”

When Seven left, the Doctor caught himself staring in the direction the former Borg had left. Did Seven really want to become a mother?

And why had she volunteered to help Tuvok with her problem? That was puzzling. She was right in that the captain would have needed medical attention after mating with a Vulcan. But that should have been easy enough to do, afterwards.

Of course, even the EMH knew about the relationship between their captain and the first officer. That might be one reason. But that would mean that Seven too, knew about it.

Ah, another intriguing mystery these organic creatures were the cause of.

Seven walked back to her cargo bay and got into the regeneration alcove. When she had renewed her energy, she would be going back to work again. But before she had come any further than the turbolift, she met Tuvok. One second she was alone, the next the door of the turbolift opened and the Vulcan was facing her.

Being Seven, she merely looked back, outwardly calm. But inside she was still experiencing some of those confusing emotions. And now she felt her skin take on a slightly higher tone than usual. It appeared that Tuvok’s presence was provoking that response in her. How very strange.

“Seven of Nine, may I speak with you for a minute?”

“Yes. You may.”

“I wanted to thank you for saving my life.”

At that Seven merely nodded to acknowledge that she had received his gratitude. She had been told that the correct response was some human colliloquism like you are welcome or don’t mention it, or it was the least I could do. But she never saw the importance of such meaningless expressions. Neither would Tuvok, she knew.

Still, she found herself wanting something more. Some sign that he had been affected the same way perhaps, or maybe even, although this was of course totally irrelevant, that he felt some kind of emotional attachment to her. So for some reason she felt moved to continue the conversation.

“Tuvok? I know that you are – married -“

“Yes, I will of course inform my wife of what has occurred, when we return to the Alpha Quadrant. Do not concern yourself with that. Logic dictates that when such a necessity presents itself, a Vulcan may do what it takes to remedy the situation. She will not have any objection.”

“Very well. This was sufficient? You will not be requiring my assistance again?”

“Not for another seven years. After which time, I would be grateful for your assistance again, naturally. Unless of course we are by that time back in the Alpha Quadrant.”

“I see.”

No more needed to be said. So what was causing this strange emotion she was experiencing now? It was quite unlike the others from just a few moments ago. Was it disappointment? Loss? Her young friend Naomi Wildman often said that when she didn’t get her way in something, she felt sad or angry.

Was this sadness? If so Seven did not wish to experience it again. Perhaps it had been premature to try this now. If this was the way you felt after sexual encounters, then perhaps she would be better off without them.

She reminded herself that these emotions and her reflections on them were irrelevant and proceeded to the astrometrics lab. After her work shift she again found herself drifting towards the mess hall.

There she met Naomi Wildman. The girl was eating her lunch which today seemed to consist of some pancakes, but also some very rich dessert.

“Naomi Wildman. What is that dessert?”

“It’s apple pie with whipped cream. Well, I don’t know exactly what’s in that cream, but the apples are real. Come on, sit down, and have some lunch with me, please.”

“Very well. Mr Neelix?”

“Yes, Seven, what can I get you today?”

“Some of that apple pie with whipped cream.”

“Is this your new preference in food, Seven?”

“I am not sure. Today, I want apple pie.”

“Well, of course you do. This is quite a masterpiece of cooking, even if I say so myself.”

“Are you going to stand here all day talking, Neelix? Seven must be hungry.”

“You’re right, Naomi. I won’t be a second.”

When he returned, Neelix had brought a plate with a generous helping of apple pie. Far more than Seven had ever wanted to consume before. But she made no comment, just began eating.

“Bon appetit.”

“That means he wants you to enjoy your meal, Seven.”

“Thank you, mr Neelix.”

Apparently, this kind of nutrition was required when you were sad too. From now on, Seven felt she would have more respect for these types of food. Perhaps they lacked valuable nutrients, but they had other equally important qualities. After eating the apple pie, and the whipped cream, she felt a little more like normal, but still there was the faint stirrings of disappointment.

From now on, she might make a habit of eating in the mess hall, even if her friend Naomi Wildman would not be there, but she didn’t think she would try any more of this mating game. Not even with a human male. It might be pleasant, but the aftereffects were not. Besides, anything other than work would be irrelevant. Why had she ever allowed herself to forget that important lesson?

But she was still unsure whether she was right about her decision. She had noticed how content those of her crewmates who were involved in sexual and romantic relationships appeared. Especially the captain and Chakotay. If it was strictly irrelevant, then why did all of her crewmates find it so important? Most of them did not appear to be experiencing sadness or disappointment. Quite the opposite, in fact.

It was as Seven had believed all along. Human social behavior was confusing and contradictory in many ways. Perhaps it would be better if she did not try to learn to adapt to them, and continued with her own way of doing things. That way at least she would not be sad again. And she did have her new friends. Naomi Wildman, the Doctor. Others too. Even Harry Kim.

It occurred to her that he might have experienced sadness, when she had told him that they were not emotionally compatible. Had she caused him to feel that way? That had not been her intention. She would have to work harder at not offending her crewmates or causing them distress.

Before this new experience, she had not known how it felt to be sad or disappointed, but now that she did, she did not want to be the cause of it in others. The next time anyone expressed an interest in pursuing some sort of relationship with her, she would take care not to reject them as bluntly as she had before.

Perhaps it had been a useful experience after all. For the time being, she merely stored this fact at the back of her mind. It might be that one day, she would need to call on that knowledge again. She found herself hoping she would. This mating game might cause you distress, but it was also fascinating. And perhaps one day she would get to experience it again.


© Tonica

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